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What should you do Now?

Have you been injured in a Car Crash, or accident at work or a trip in the street that was not your fault?

With a network of experienced and professional Claims Managers in England and Wales, we investigate your claim and prepare the evidence for a Solicitor who will run your claim for compensation.


"Very efficient and polite, I would definately use them again. And true to their word, I kept 100% of my award."
Peter Hawes

"I chose PIC and my friend decided to use the legal services provided by his car insurer. I got a decent hire car, physiotherapy treatment and a highly skilled local team sorting everything out for me. My friend got a basic car and had to do all the running about because his claim was being dealt with by someone based in Manchester! Well done Rog, I can't fault you."
Michelle (London)

"I acknowledge receipt of the cheque received today representing the balance of Damages with thanks. Once again I wish to express my sincere thanks to yourself and to your staff who were involved with my case and to PIC's soliitor for his initial preparation into the circumstances regarding my accident."
P.W (Lution)

"Dear PIC I am writing to personally thank you for all the help that you gave me. It was very traumatic being in another country and having such an accident and having my family so far away. I cannot begin to thank you for the compassion and understanding that you showed from our first meeting. I knew right then that you were a very caring person, and that this was not just a job. When I returned home you even kept in contact with me to see how I was recuperating. I am so glad that I took that little card in the hospital that day. They say that first impressions are lasting ones and you will always be in my heart and prayers. Thank you once again for all your wonderful work you did for me and I wish you the very best that life can bring to you."
Mr and Mrs Johnstone (Staines)


What to do now if:

A Road Traffic Accident


  1. Obtain the registration number of the other vehicle and the name and address of the driver and any witnesses.
  2. Make an appointment at your nearest office.
  3. Ask about our free consultation scheme and NO WIN NO FEE.

An Accident at Work

  1. Report the matter to your employer immediately.
  2. Be sure to complete the accident book.
  3. Make an appointment at your nearest office.
  4. Ask about our free consultation scheme and NO WIN NO FEE.

A Trip or Fall

  1. Measure the tripping point and where possible take a photograph with a 2p piece and a ruler.
  2. Make an appointment at your nearest Rowlands office.
  3. Ask about our free consultation scheme and NO WIN NO FEE.

If you are Assaulted

  1. Report the assault to the police.
  2. Visit the hospital or your doctor.
  3. Make an appointment at your nearest Rowlands office and ask about the contingency fee retainer- NO WIN NO FEE.

Accidents can be physically devastating

Accidents can be physically devastating but the financial consequences flowing from even a minor accident can themselves be just as worrying. We have experience of handling all types of accidents ranging from simple injuries to cases of the utmost severity.

Accidents happen at work, on the road and in public places, to you, your relatives and friends. Often those accidents are caused by the negligence of someone who therefore is responsible for the injury and loss you may suffer.

Injured persons are often reluctant to pursue their rights to obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

In the majority of cases, the negligent party will be insured and therefore they have taken the sensible step to protect themselves against the costs of a claim, and to provide protection for an injured party enabling recovery of damages and the costs of doing so.

There are many companies offering NO WIN NO FEE compensation claims. Beware! Many of them are NOT lawyers!

These companies may simply pass your case onto a third party legal practice of THEIR choice, not YOURS. The solicitor they choose for you is likely to be located many miles away and you may never meet them face to face.

We are specialist personal injury lawyers and are a nationally recognised specialist in NO WIN NO FEE litigation. With four offices throughout the Greater Manchester area, we are always close at hand. If you cannot get to one of our offices, we can arrange a home or hospital visit at your convenience.

What can you do and how does it work?

Am I entitled to any compensation ?

If you have been involved in an accident which was not your fault within the last 3 years* you may be entitled to compensation. Details submitted to us via the web site form will be assessed by one of our nominated solicitors who will realistically assess your claim chances. *Criminal Injury incidents 2 years.
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Do I really need a Solicitor ?

The laws governing compensation are complicated and Insurance Companies tend to use highly experienced professionals to handle and negotiate claims.

It is highly recommended that any person involved in a non-fault Injury claim uses the services of a Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor who knows this area of the law and can represent your interest. Personal Injury Advice only use Personal Injury Solicitors who specialise in this area of the law.
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Do I see a Private Doctor ?


All Claimants using our Service are requested to see a Private Doctor who specialises in preparing Reports on the various types of injuries that may occur as a result of accidents.

Appointments are made at times and places convenient to claimants and typically are arranged within 2/3 months of your claim starting.

Claimants do not have to lay out a penny for the cost of this examination and report. If the claim is unsuccessful these costs are covered by the insurance protection (see the reply to questions below) and will not cost Claimants a penny. If the claim is successful then these costs are claimed from the Losing Party. If private physiotherapy treatment is required this can be also be arranged on similar terms.

What do I have to lose ?

Absolutely Nothing! - We provide a genuine No Win No Cost service. If your claim is unsuccessful then it will not cost you a penny.

w Do we charge any fees ?

Yes. For providing our service, which is only payable upon conclusion of the claim. However if your claim is not successful, this fee is not payable by you.

All our Nominated Solicitors have access to No win No Cost Insurance Cover which if suitable would cover you against your Opponents legal fees and any expenses incurred in pursuing your claim. Premiums start from £410.00 (inc. of IPT) depending upon accident type. However suitable Claimants do not have to lay out a penny for this protection and with the benefit of this insurance cover if your claim is unsuccessful, it still will not cost you a penny.

What do I do next ?

It's simple. Just submit your enquiry details on the Claim Form and one of our friendly Team of Accident Co-ordinators will contact you. If you have not heard from us within 4 working days from the date of submission of your claim, please telephone our Team of Accident Co-ordinators immediately.
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Reporting accident at work and ill health at work is a legal requirement under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. The information gathered helps the Local Authority and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to identify where and how risks arise and to prevent reoccurrence and prevent further pain and suffering to employees.
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